Yes, There is the Possibility That I Might Die ...Someday (A Lighthearted Workbook)

This book will definitely not be the usual book on death and dying. In fact the preponderance of information will be about after you have left the scene.

The hard and fast evidence is that you (and everyone else on earth) will in fact die. The good news about this unalterable fact is just that; everyone has to do it. That means that all the good-looking, rich and fun-loving people whom you now currently hate, will have to do it too.

Another comforting thought is that there have certainly been a number of people who have died very successfully before us, and so we won't be alone in this experience.

This is not going to be a book about religious or philosophical beliefs, unless of course you want it to be, because this is your book. It is meant to be a rather lighthearted approach to what will be the inevitable eventually.

If done correctly, this book should encourage those weak-hearted individuals,that would be almost all of us, who would rather live in denial right up until the last second, to make a couple of plans. In that way those who are in charge of the remains will have a clue who they are burying, or throwing to the winds.




This  is  Sandy's first book of all her colums written in her first year of writing for Newport Beach Patch. Thse columns were written to inform, to make fun of, and to sometimes feel awful about. No column is too controversial to be written about, and most of these columns would be recognized by any district in America.  
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Just Sayin Part Deux

This is a compilation of the second year of writing for Newport Beach Patch. Most articles are critical of the administration driven educational system in most district with emphasis on Newport-Mesa Unified School District in Costa Mesa California. Whatever the stories are from this district is basically true of most school districts in the United States






This is children's book illustrated by the author's eight year old granddaughter about her grandmother's adventures as a surfer.  

Grammy's are different now! This Grammy becomes a surfer, much to the amusement of her granddaughter. She hangs out with young surfers, who not only teach her how to surf, but also teach her the language of surfing. She wins competitions and travels all over the world following big surf, and she takes her granddaughter.              

Grammy is a Rock Star was illustrated by Sandy's two grandchildren when they were very young. This grammy has red hair and became a serious rock star. Members of her band have funny names. Her grandchildren go with her sometimes when she is on tour.